Our Mission

Johnson County Farmers Market is committed to helping strengthen a sustainable local agricultural and food economy. We do this by providing education, engaging in community and economic development, and promoting the availability and benefits of local food and agriculture. Johnson County Locally Grown is part of the Johnson County Farmers Market and includes a group of small farmers and gardeners located near Mountain City, TN. Farmers do not have to attend our regular market to participate in this on-line option. Participating farms vary in size and specialty, but all carry the common thread of dedication to community, environment, health and education.

While not a true cooperative, Johnson County Locally Grown uses cooperative efforts to achieve steady and dependable means of supplying the highest quality produce and other products. Locally Grown works to find new and innovative methods to preserve greenspace, protect our natural resources, support our local economy, provide meaningful work, and return to a more self-sufficient community life. Each farmer realizes the importance of educating the community about the benefits of sustainable agriculture practices to our lives and our land. Locally Grown member farms often dedicate a portion of their personal time to building gardens for their local communities as well as providing fun and informative educational programs for children and adults, including those with special needs.

You can see other things we’re doing on our website.

Our History

The Johnson County Farmers Market was established in 2009 with tremendous community support. This on-line market is a new addition for us in 2011. Recognizing and responding to needs of community members and small business owners, we combine the efforts of individual growers to market their produce while educating the community about the benefits of fresh local food. Johnson County Locally Grown looks forward to selling an abundance of products to individuals, families, local restaurants, and other interested customers.

Why Support Locally Grown?

Enhance local economy: By purchasing produce and other items from local growers you are providing stability to your local economy through the support of local businesses.

Save natural resources: Buying locally makes you an invaluable link in the process of saving resources such as fossil fuels and packaging materials. Also, we are right here in your community so the expense of transportation and delivery is kept to a minimum.

Provide learning opportunities: Locally Grown supporters provide member growers the means to help educate our community about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Supporting a way of life: The number of small farms in the United States has decreased dramatically in the last decade. Please help us preserve an honest and worthy means of making a living.

We believe that small, diverse, family-owned farms contribute to community food security and society’s overall health.

Membership Fees

To provide the community with educational programs and to help us with our overhead costs, we ask that you pay an annual fee of $25 per household for one calendar year. You are welcome to try us for two orders before you pay the membership. The website will automatically add the membership fee to your third order.

We will waive the membership fee for individuals who create an account before the end of May. We’ll be counting on the first participants to be patient and help us work through the initial stages of getting this system running smoothly.

Ordering Options

With Johnson County Locally Grown you order what you want, in the quantities that you want, from the farms that you want. The weekly email lists the available products and you can browse the items on this website before you place your order.

Other Important Items

Placing Orders Each Friday evening, a list of available products is sent to everyone with an account here by e-mail. You can set up a customer account by going to this page. Customers must place their order for the week any time after that email goes out, but no later than Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Orders are placed here on our website.

Growers receive their orders that same night and harvest on Tuesday for delivery to the JCFM on or before 2:30 pm Tuesday afternoon. This gives us some time to set up before customers arrive.

Picking Up Orders From 3:00 until 6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, families can pick-up their produce at the Johnson County Farmers Market, located at Shouns Crossing just off the corner of 421 and 167 next to Longhorn Auction (212 Roan Creek Rd., Mountain City, TN). A map to our location can be found here.

Gift Certificates are available! If you would like to purchase a gift of health and flavor, please consider a Locally Grown gift certificate. You can decide the amount and the lucky recipient can purchase locally grown produce without having to pay membership fees!

Sponsor a membership! If you would like to sponsor a membership for an individual or family, please contact us.

Still have questions? Please email Tamara at johnsoncountyfm@gmail.com